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Adilabad Collector Jyothy Buddha Prakash adopts the family of a martyred soldier.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Adilabad District Collector Jyothy Buddha Prakash has adopted the family of a martyred soldier.

Jyothy Buddha Prakash is the first IAS officer to respond to the call given to IAS officers to adopt a family of a martyred soldiers and Central Armed Police personnel by Civil and Administrative Service (Central) Association.

He has chosen the family of V.Santosh Kumar who was killed in an action in December 14, 2015. Santosh Kumar was a bachelor and is survived by his mother and brother. His mother lives in Asifabad. The Telangana IAS Officers’ Association was the first State body to pass the ‘Adopt a family’ resolution following the call given by the Central Association of Indian Civil and Administrative Service.