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Cyberabad Police moves to advanced finger print capture system

Cyberabad Commissioner Sandeep Shandilya, in his review meeting on the advanced Papillon Automated Fingerprint and Palmprint Identification System (AFIS) said that AFIS included a mobile security check system, which will be implemented across the State to help on-field verification. The Police Department is now moving towards AFIS in place of the existing Fingerprints Analysis and Criminal Tracing System (FACTS).

The AFIS system will be having higher accuracy and allows quick transfer or sharing of finger print data online. The system will allow quick recovery of historical data in few seconds time. The mobile security check device can be attached to any Android mobile or tablet and hence is mobile and can be used in field. The equipment for AFIS which includes palm print live scanners, high definition web cameras and mobile security check devices is already procedure and the Department is gearing up for full-fledged implementation of the same. The Department is so far using old methods of fingerprint capture using ink, slab and roller.

The Commissioner said that live scanners will be introduced at Gachibowli, Petbasheerabad police station, Kukatpally police station, RGIA police station and Shadnagar police station.