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Telangana Rashtra Samithi

Telangana Rashtra Samithi is a political party in Andhra Pradesh. K Chandrashekar Rao is the President of the party. The party’s headquarters is located at Telangana Bhavan in Hyderabad. The TRS party has 2 members in the Lok Sabha and 17 MLAs in the Legislative Assembly.

Birth of TRS’ Telangana Struggle

It was at Mothe village in Nizamabad district that K Chandrasekhar Rao has launched the struggle for Telangana state. On 28 March 2001, KCR has vowed that he would revisit the village and unwrap bag of Mothe sand at Rajarajeswari Temple if he succeeds in formation of Telangana State. Mothe village is also the first village to unanimously back the Telangana state formation movement. In 2014, after 13 years, KCR would revisit the village and fulfill his vow.

The Telangana Rasthra Samithi party is officially formed on April 27, 2001 to fight for a separate Telangana state and actively participates in agitations and protests demanding Telangana statehood. The ideology of the party is to achieve Telangana as it exited before formation of Andhra Pradesh in 1956.

Party chief K Chandrasekhar Rao, who was a Telugu Desam Party politician, quit TDP to from TRS. The party won one-third of Mandal Parishad Territorial Constituencies (MPTC) and one quarter of Zilla Parishad Territorial Constituencies (ZPTC) in Siddipet within sixty days of formation.


After quitting the Telugu Desam Party, K Chandrasekhar Rao founded the Telangana Rashtra Samithi party. TRS initially contested in the local body elections. They won one third of Mandal Parishad Territorial Constituencies (MPTC) seats and one quarter of Zilla Parishad Territorial Constituencies (ZPTC) in Siddipet within sixty days of the formation of the party.


The TRS politburo is headed by party chief K Chandrasekhar Rao. It is the highest decision-making body of the party. The members of politburo are - K Chandrasekhara Rao, Capt V Laxmikantha Rao, Nayani Narasimha Reddy, Etela Rajender (TRS LP floor Leader), T Harish Rao (TRS LP deputy floor leader), E Ravinder Reddy, Koppula Eshwar (MLA), Naradasu Laxman Rao (MLC), G Vijaya Rama Rao, A Chandrashekar, B Vinod Kumar, S Madhusudhana Chary, T Padma Rao, A Chandu Lal, Kallem Yadagiri Reddy, S Niranjan Reddy, G Jagadish Reddy, C Laxma Reddy, R Sathyanarayana, Mohd Mahmood Ali, Cheruku Sudhakar, Gongidi Sunitha, Muttireddy Yadagiri Reddy and R Parameshwar.


2004 Elections

The party formed an alliance with Congress and contested the 2004 elections. TRS achieved success winning 5 seats in the Lok Sabha and 26 seats in the Andhra Pradesh assembly. The party then formed an alliance with the UPA Government. However, in September 2006, TRS withdrew support blaming the delay by the UPA Government to form the Telangana state.

2006 By-election

TRS MP K Chandrasekhar Rao resigned to his MP seat on September 13, 2006. He won the subsequent byelection by a big margin.

2008 By-elections

All the MLAs and MPs of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi have resigned as the Centre failed to announce the Telangana state in the budget session. The by-elections for the constituencies were held on May 29, 2008. Out of 16 assembly constituencies, TRS managed to retain 7 seats. It won 2 out of the 4 MP seats. After the disappointing results in the byelections, TRS president KCR offered to resign as president of the party, but held his position on the pressure of the party workers.

2009 Elections

TRS entered into a ‘Grand Alliance’ with the Telugu Desam Party and Third Front and contested in the 2009 elections. Even before the counting began, TRS has switched its loyalties to to the NDA. TRS won just 10 out of the 26 seats contested in the Assembly and three out of the five MP seats. On June 19, 2009 KCR has resigned as the president of TRS party after the disastrous performance in the assembly elections which saw TRS with less than 4% strength in the Assembly. However, he was made the president of the party again. Talli Telangana party founded by former actress Vijayashanti was merged into the TRS party before the 2009 elections.

2012 By-Elections

By-polls were held in six assembly constituencies in 2012 - Mahabubnagar, Station Ghanpur, Kollapur, Adilabad, Nagarkurnool and Kamareddy constituencies. TRS contested in five of the six constituencies and it chose to support independent candidate Nagam Janardhan Reddy in Nagarkurnool constituency.

The party fared well winning four of the five seats that it contested in. TRS candidates Jogu Ramanna (Adilabad), Gampa Govardhan (Kamareddy), T Rajaiah (Station Ghanpur), Jupally Krishna Rao (Kollapur) registered victories. Syed Ibrahim has lost in the Mahabubnagar bypoll.

No merger with Congress

During the Telangana State formation movement, TRS has hinted that it will be ready to merge the party with Congress if the later grants the formation of Telangana state. After the Parliament has passed the AP State Bifurcation Bill, KCR has met with Sonia Gandhi to thank her for ensuring the Telangana bill is passed in the Parliament. His meeting on February 23, 2014 with Sonia Gandhi has raised expectations in political circles. Sources said that Congress general secretary in-charge for Andhra Pradesh, Digvijaya Singh, will conduct negotiations with TRS to discuss about possible merger or alliance with Congress in the 2014 elections.

On February 26, 2014 TRS leader K Taraka Rama Rao said that the party is under no obligation to merge with Congress or enter into a pre-poll alliance with Congress. A final decision could be taken only after the formation of Telangana state, he said.

On March 3, 2014 TRS party has decided not to merge with Congress party. According to sources, TRS has laid several conditions for a merger with Congress which includes making TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao as Chief Minister of Telangana before the elections. Congress has decided to contest alone in the elections instead of going with an alliance with TRS.

2014 Elections

TRS party achieved victory both in Assembly and Lok Sabha elections in the 2014 elections. The party bagged 63 of the 119 Assembly seats and 11 out of the 17 Lok Sabha seats. Having crossed the required half-way mark of 60 on its own, TRS is all set to form the first ever government in Telangana. The party has elected its chief K Chandrasekhar Rao as leader of the TRS Legislature Party thus making him the first ever Chief Minister of Telangana State.

Pre Poll

After a 6-hour intra party meet on March 3, 2014, TRS has announced that the party leaders have unanimously rejected the idea of merging the party with Congress. The TRS would go alone in elections, party chief Chandrasekhar Rao has announced. According to sources, TRS’s request to make K Chandrasekhar Rao as Chief Minister before elections was rejected by Congress. UPA government has not acceded to a single point suggested by TRS in Telangana Bill, TRS said.

Alliance Committee

TRS has set up a 5-member committee headed by party Rajya Sabha member K Keshava Rao to decide on forging alliances for the 2014 elections. The committee also includes Nayani Narasimha Reddy, Etela Rajender, Kadiam Srihari and B Vinod.

Manifesto Committee

Kadiam Srihari is appointed as Chairman of TRS Manifesto committee. The other members in the committee are B Vinod Kumar, S Madhusudhanachari, Singireddy Niranjan Reddy, Ramanachary. The committee was appointed by TRS chief KCR on March 6, 2014.

The party has released its manifesto on 4 April 2014.

TRS to contest alone, no alliance with Congress
TRS chief KCR has confirmed that they would not forge an alliance with Congress for the coming elections. KCR has clarified that he hasn’t cheated Congress on merger issue and that it is Congress which delayed taking a decision. He said that TRS will win 15 Lok Sabha and 100 assembly seats in the coming elections. Mar 15, 2014

Pre-Poll Assurances and Promises

  • To allocate 50,000 crore for welfare of Dalits
  • To allocate 1000 crore per year for every district
  • Reservation to tribals based on popoulation and 12% reservation in politics
  • Welfare of muslim minorities and 12% reservation in politics
  • ST status for Valmiki community who are presently BCs
  • Regularization of contract staff


Post Elections

TRS party is confident that the party would win a significant number of Lok Sabha and Assembly seats in the 2014 elections. A day after the election, the party is in touch with national parties to play a key role in the formation of Government at Centre.

TRS said BJP has committed suicide by forging an alliance with Telugu Desam Party in both Telangana and Seemandhra. TRS leader and MLA K Taraka Rama Rao said Narendra Modi and BJP committed suicide in Andhra Pradesh. On post-poll alliance, Rama Rao said that it may sail with third front after the elections. May 2, 2014

Municipal Polls

In 2015-16, TRS won bypolls of Medak and Warangal Lok Sabha constituencies, and the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) elections.

In March 2016, TRS continued to sweep elections in Telangana winning the municipal polls in Warangal, Khammam and Achampet in Mahabubnagar district. TRS won 44 wards out of 58 seats in Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation polls. In Khammam Municipal elections, TRS won 34 out of 50 wards. The party won all the 20 wards of Achampet in Mahabubnagar district.

Politicians of the TRS Party

The following are the politicians of Telangana Rashtra Samithi in Andhra Pradesh assembly and the Lok Sabha.


  1. Kaveti Sammaiah - Sirpur, Adilabad
  2. Nallala Odelu - Chennur (SC), Adilabad
  3. Aravinda Reddy Gaddam - Mancherial, Adilabad
  4. Jogu Ramanna - Adilabad
  5. Pocharam Srinivas Reddy - Banswada
  6. Eanugu Ravinder Reddy - Yellareddy, Nizamabad
  7. Gampa Govardhan - Kamareddy, Nizamabad
  8. Kalvakuntla Vidyasagar Rao - Koratla, Karimnagar
  9. Koppula Eshwar - Dharmapuri, Karimnagar
  10. Somarapu Satyanarayana - Ramagundam, Karimnagar
  11. Chennamaneni Ramesh - Vemulawada, Karimnagar
  12. K Taraka Rama Rao - Sircilla, Karimnagar
  13. Etela Rajender - Huzurabad, Karimnagar
  14. T Harish Rao - Siddipet, Medak
  15. Jupally Krishna Rao - Kollapur, Mahabubnagar
  16. T Rajaiah - Station Ghanpur, Warangal
  17. Dasyam Vinay Bhaskar - Warangal West, Warangal
  18. Godam Nagesh - Boath
  19. Satyavathi Rathod - Dornakal


TRS in Elections


Year Seats Contested Seats Won
2004 54 26
2008 (bye-elections) 16 7
2009 45 10
2010 (bye-elections) 11 11
2011 (bye-elections) 1 1
2012 (bye-elections) 5 4


Year Seats Contested Seats Won
2004 6 5
2008 (bye-elections) 4 2
2009 9 2

Party Office

Telangana Bhavan is the party headquarters of Telangana Rashtra Samithi.